Creating longterm value

MTAF Group if a lifestyle investment portfolio, dedicated to exploring lucrative opportunities locally and internationally. MTAF’s strength is derived from its broad thematic and geographic diversification of investments across different lifestyle sectors, as well as a deep expertise in identifying opportunities, managing investments and creating value.

Its interest in investing in the UAE is centered around Dubai being one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

While exploring various ventures locally, MTAF sees strong macro-economic drivers and significant untapped opportunities around the world. Its USA based investments include Eden Investments and 50 Degrees Entertainment.


To build a leading international lifestyle investment portfolio with long term benefits, ensuring it is trusted and respected by all stakeholders for the pillars upon which it rests its reputation: expertise, integrity, foresight and transparency.


To invest in sectors that are underpinned by robust demand and attractive growth prospects and to identify mutually beneficial partnerships, delivering significant returns to its shareholders, investment partners and future AlRafi generations.

MTAF Values

Expertise, integrity, foresight and transparency.